The FREEZE project will culminate in a catalogue, which will document the project and provide contextual essays and images that turn the ephemeral into something a little more permanent.

The book will be released in August 2009 and will include essays by project curators, profiles of participating designers, and photographs of the projects in their various phases, from conceptual models to installation, completion, public interaction, melting and removal.

The book will also include the photographs selected from the project’s photography competition and poems resulting from the Haiku and other writing competitions. It will also include samples of blog postings, letters to the editor, images from kids’ workshops, and other elements that provide evaluation and context for the project and its many public programs. Supplementary essays will cover related project topics such as climate change, ephemeral art, art and architecture in extreme climates, and life in the north.

The book will also recognize project partners and funders.

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