Team 1: molo

Northern Sky Circle

NORTHERN SKY CIRCLE is a 84’ in diameter outdoor room made from the snow and sky of the northern landscape. It is a place for contemplation, gathering and a heightened sensory experience of the winter sky.

Tall walls of sintered snow form two concentric circles, creating a path that winds into an intimate central space, transitioning from views of the city to an abstraction of northern landscape. The shape of the inner space is derived by imagining a circle of people gathered around a fire. The shape of the room also serves to frame the sky.

At times when the Aurora is active overhead, the fire will be quelled to focus the view of the sky which is the ceiling of this intimate room. We anticipate that interesting things will be experienced acknowledging the perception of scale, connecting the vast celestial sphere with human dimensions.


molo, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a design studio dedicated to materials research and an exploration of space making. As a design and manufacturing company, molo creates and distributes unique and innovative products to clients around the world. The design of molo products grows from Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen’s architectural explorations, inspired by the idea that smaller tactile objects can have a real potency in the physical experience of a space. molo’s float tea lantern and paper softwall exemplify ideas of intimate, temporal space making and the original thinking behind all molo products. Float glassware and the soft line of products in particular have received numerous international awards, and molo’s softwall and softseatinglines have been acquired into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

Ethan Rose (Sound Art)

Ethan Rose‘s work reflects his interests in old technologies, new sounds, and the restless exploration of musical form. Over the past ten years he has released recordings, scored films, performed internationally, created sound installations, and worked with a variety of collaborators. Drawing from his interests in musiquè concrete, chance operations and American minimalism, Ethan creates shifting sound environments that merge the old with the new. His music is electronic in nature but maintains an organic quality because of his exclusive use of acoustic sound sources. Much of his recent work has centered around instruments from eras long past, including music boxes, player pianos, theater organs and carillons. His transformative sonic approach has enabled him to pull new sounds and ideas out of any given instrument, environment, or potential sound source. By bringing a carefully detailed sense of arrangement to his music, Ethan’s pieces transport the close listener to an unusual place.

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