Team 10: CK-Architecture / Lita Albuquerque

This team is interested in the art of experience. They are interested in what happens in our perception when confronted by an all-white field traversed by a single black line.

The white field is elevated to table height, which becomes a black ice table. The black oil floating within reflects the Northern sky. Oil and water, together yet apart, forming an ever-changing mirror image. Ancient life compressed into oil floating atop a container of frozen water; a magic emulsion mixed with light to glow in the colors of the rainbow.

A black-ice table attracting visitors to its edges by force of its content’s continually changing play of color and reflection. This is an 85-foot-long by 45-inch-wide table, filled with black oil and water, which dissects the site and is positioned in the precise direction of the sun the exact moment of the fifty year anniversary of Alaska Statehood.

See the photo/video blog of the creation of the installation.


CK-Architecture, lead by Christoph Kapeller, AIA, is an internationally celebrated design practice based in Los Angeles dedicated to improving the quality of life through socially responsible, inspirational and technologically advanced design interventions. In little over twenty years, principal Christoph Kapeller, AIA has developed design and building expertise in places as diverse as Norway, Europe, Egypt and the United States.

Lita Albuquerque

Lita Albuquerque is an internationally renowned installation and environmental artist, painter and sculptor. She has been commissioned for sites around the world, including the Great Pyramids where she represented the U.S. at the Cairo Biennale. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including Art in Public Places and Individual Fellowship awards from the National Endowment for the Arts. Her work is included in the permanent collections of MoCA Los Angeles, the Smithsonian Institute, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Getty Trust, the Los Angeles County Museum, and many others.

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