Team 11: Kobayashi + Zedda / Ana Rewakowicz


Ice Fracture transforms a winter phenomena of shifting ice into an urban experience that explores the physical relationship between movement, light and landscape.

Embedded in the ice, lights will be controlled by strategically placed motion sensors that visitors will trigger by their movement within the site. The lines of light will reference the movement of built-up pressures in frozen water, linking remote areas of the site and giving a sense of connection amidst the seemingly random arrangement of cones.

The cast traffic pylons, typically ubiquitous in an urban environment, will be reduced to their pure shape in ice allowing the visitor to explore, by movement, the relationship between light and form.

Kobayashi + Zedda

Kobayashi + Zedda Architects Ltd. (KZA) is a Whitehorse, Yukon, based architectural and urban planning firm. As a northern Canadian design firm, KZA has evolved over the last decade to understand the climate, land and peoples of the rugged and sparsely populated Yukon Territory. With a focus on architecture suited to the region, KZA specializes in community, cultural, educational, institutional and residential building design. Completed projects are found across the Yukon and northern British Columbia. Recently, they have been recognized throughout Canada and the circumpolar region as a leader in First Nation and energy efficient design. In 2006 they were the recipients of the Canada Council Prix de Rome.

Ana Rewakowicz

Ana Rewakowicz is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher born in Poland of Ukrainian parents, currently living in Montreal, Canada. In her works she explores questions of identity as expressed through clothing and habitation. In contrast to the stable mass of monumental sculpture and architecture, her costumes and structures are an air-filled, mobile art form concerned with places and the people that activate them. Incorporating materials such as rubber, polyurethane, reversible foil, fans and solar panels, Rewakowicz harnesses technology to build intimate public experiences and fashions based on function and traveling interiors. Her art crosses into many disciplines including invention, design, architecture, performance and relationism and has been shown and experienced nationally and internationally.

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