Team 2: Studio Granda / Helena Jonsdottir


Heat melts the snow. Grass grows in the glow.

A crate is waiting. It is comprised of a 15m, 3m high chainlink fence with 50 fenceposts at 1m centres. Attached to the posts are large radiant heaters that are operated by movement sensors. There is a 1m gap in the fence on the north side.

Within the fence are 50 trunks of differing shapes, ages and form. If the trunks are touched or sat on a speaker is activated with a voice. The voice may say, “Have you been here long?” or “It’s getting warmer” or something else. We intend to prepare the ‘voices’ from Lingaphone LP’s in various languages.

Studio Granda

Studio Granda was established in Reykjavík, Iceland, by husband and wife team Margrét Hardardóttir and Steve Christer in 1987. They studied at the Architectural Association in London. Studio Granda’s work is characterized by a respect for the traditional materials of Iceland – stone, sheet metal and timber.

Helena Jonsdottir

Helena Jonsdottir studied at the National Theatre Ballet School of Iceland, with additional studies at Alvin Ailey, New York. She has performed in and choreographed countless productions for television, film, music videos and the stages. Helena has also written, choreographed and directed many dance films. In 2003 she was nominated as Best Choreographer at the Music Video Production Association Awards, Los Angeles.

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