Team 5: Claudia Kappl


Give a snowball – give a light play, have fun, engage, interact, spread.

The snowball is the northern element, so naturally coming into play. It is part of our northern winter living culture. This snowball grows or falls apart, merges or bursts, will be thrown or passed on; thrown, given, playfully passed on it also emits light and thus enlightens the individuals environment.

The snowball-effect will be engaging and intensifying for as long as it lasts. The given light, remaining in the individual’s possession now carries the experience and enlightened memory.

Claudia Kappl

Claudia Kappl grew up in the Austrian Alps and trained in Architecture at the University of Technology in Graz. As member of the artist collective “” (2001-2003) she curated and launched exhibitions in Vienna and as member of the architectural studios in Graz she has been fundraiser and editor of the publication “open24: workground/playground.” Her childhood fascination for snow and whiteness eventually resulted in an extensive study and thesis project in Architecture, which found artistic architectural and atmospheric realization in a room at the Icehotel / Jukkasjärvy / Swedish Lappland (2003). She graduated in Lighting Design and Architecture at KTH-Stockholm (2004/2007) with the journal on “clouds and cloudiness”, a daylight observation and the cloud’s ephemeral effect on us humans. A two-year work-stay in Sweden with the specific focus on lighting influenced a deeper understanding for darkness and diffused light conditions. Her designs, in general, aim for an overall experience of material, light and space addressing our senses and serving the end user. Kappl currently works as independent lighting designer and architect-in-training in the desert-lands of the American Southwest.

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