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AntiFreeze: Dance Among Installations

December 6, 2008 · Posted in Event Calendar · Comments Off on AntiFreeze: Dance Among Installations 

AntiFREEZE, a music, dance and video performance featuring Yngvil vatn Guttu. The original idea was that this would take place among the installations, but now it can highlight the remains. The performance will be brief – about 20 minutes. Help us say goodbye to the installations.

AntiFREEZE will take place on the Park Strip near 10th Avenue and H Streets. 6:00 – 6:20 p.m. Appropriate for all ages.

There will be receptions following at the International Gallery (6:30) and the Alaska Native Arts Foundation (7:00).

Presentation: Northern Migration

December 6, 2008 · Posted in Event Calendar · Comments Off on Presentation: Northern Migration 

Learn about “the changing North”:

  • Presentation: Wildlife in Alaska’s Northern Oilfields. Caryn Rea, Biologist, ConocoPhillips, 6:00 p.m.
  • Presentation by Michael Macrander, Biologist, Shell Oil, 6:30 p.m.
  • Presentation: Generally in the Country or Particularly in the City – Transitioning for Alaska’s Future. Dr. Marie Lowe, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UAA and with ISER, 7:00 p.m.
  • Q&A with the presenters, 7:30 – 8:00

Anchorage Museum Auditorium. Free.

DESIGN FOR THE NORTH: Ideas for Northern Living

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Performances, outdoor demonstrations and family activities, as well as presentations, exhibits and information designed to celebrate and enhance life in the North, are part of a special FREEZE “Design for the North” event at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Tickets are $9.95 per person and include:

  • FREEZE performance by “Sivuqaq Dancers,” St. Lawrence Island Anchorage Dancers (12 p.m.)
  • Observe Native artists teaching class participants make Sugpiaq/Alutiiq headdresses and Athabascan-style winter boots or rifle cases. To participate in classes, contact the Alaska Native Heritage Center for pre-registration at 330-8000.
  • Performance of tribal-funk, world music by Pamyua (2 p.m.) courtesy of Calista Corporation
  • 2 Tours of outdoor traditional Native housing exhibitions (11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30-2:30 p.m.) Self guided tours available all day
  • Dogsled demonstration, slide show and photo opportunities with Iditarod dogsled musher Eric Rogers and musher Bonnie Foster (all day).
  • Demonstrations and presentations by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, including information about winterizing your home and the Home Energy Rebate and Winterization Programs (3:30 p.m.)
  • Exhibit by the American Institute of Architects Alaska Chapter on building in the unique Alaska condition
  • Exhibit and videotaped presentations by the Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology and Bioneers in Alaska Planning Group (1:00-2:30 p.m.) of three half-hour sessions from the October Bioneers Conference, including biologist, author and co-founder of the Biomimicry Institute, Janine Benyus, on what ingenious, and often endangered, species can teach us about solving some of our most challenging environmental issues; conservationist, entrepreneur and author Paul Stamets on how fungus-based medicinal and nutritional technologies have the potential to change the world; and Canadian journalist and author Naomi Klein on her vision of how people’s movements can counter disaster capitalism.
  • More alternative energy solution ideas for northern climates by the Renewable Energy Alaska Project, a coalition of urban and rural Alaska utilities, businesses, conservation groups, consumer groups and Alaska Native organizations designed to increase the production of renewable energy in Alaska.

Public Opening for FREEZE Installations

December 6, 2008 · Posted in Event Calendar · Comments Off on Public Opening for FREEZE Installations 

Public opening for FREEZE installations on Delaney Park Strip (between E & I Streets), in Frontierland and Elderberry Parks, and outside Anchorage Museum,12-4 p.m., FREE

Delaney Park Strip

  • 12:15pm:  Welcome by Dorothy Cook, President of the Native Village of Eklutna, and special ceremony at CK Architecture/Lita Albuquerque “Oil and Water” installation on the Delaney Park Strip near 10th Avenue and E Street.
  • 12:15pm: Sound performance by Ethan Rose
  • Special giveaway (near 10th and E):  Block heater timers courtesy of the Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services – free while supplies last.
  • 1pm: Northern Writers’ reading featuring Joan Kane, Sherry Simpson, Scott Banks and others, with an open mic.
  • 2pm: “Moving North” dance performance, which starts at the Delaney Park Strip and then heads north through downtown and to the Anchorage Museum. Led by Gabrielle Barnett with the performing group Co-Motion.  Made possible by the UAA Department of Theatre and Dance, the UAA International Polar Year program, and Atelier FreiForm.
  • 12-4pm: Ski track open: Made possible by the Nordic Skiing Association

Elderberry Park

Opening of Kaamos installation by Black + White Studio Architects & Sonya Kelliher-Combs.

Anchorage Museum Plaza

Opening of ICEQUARIUM installation by Peter Briggs and Jonny Hayes.

Installation Presentations II

December 5, 2008 · Posted in Event Calendar · Comments Off on Installation Presentations II 

Anchorage Museum Auditorium, $10 general admission:

Sound performance by Ethan Rose and Matthew Burtner, featuring musicians Helen Howarth and Rama Ishaya. Rose will be combining piano, harmonica, and other small instruments with field recordings of snow, ice, weather and environment to create a piece that reflects and complements Molo Design’s installation. Burtner’s snow and ice chamber pieces will combine cello, piano and electroacoustics. 6 p.m.

FLASH FREEZE presentations by design teams and led by Brian Carter, 7-9 p.m.

  • molo
  • mayer sattler-smith
  • 4LetterWord
  • Marisa Favretto
  • Buck Walsky & Dave Cole
  • Rachelle Dowdy
  • Hal Gage & Bruce Farnsworth
  • Futurefarmers
  • CK Architecture
  • Lita Albuquerque

Installation Presentations I

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Anchorage Museum Auditorium: $10 general admission:

Special performance by Mr. White Keys on the “Real Alaska,”  6 p.m.

FLASH FREEZE presentations by design teams and led by Brian Carter, Dean of Architecture and Planning, SUNY Buffalo, 7-9 p.m.

  • Claudia Kappl
  • Studio Granda
  • Helena Jonsdoittir
  • Mike Mense
  • Sheila Wyne
  • Black +White Studio Architects & Sonya Kelliher-Combs
  • Peter Briggs & Jonny Hayes
  • ECI Hyer
  • Ana Rewacowicz
  • Kobayashi + Zedda

Lecture by Adriane Colburn, Performance by Steven Alvarez

December 5, 2008 · Posted in Event Calendar · Comments Off on Lecture by Adriane Colburn, Performance by Steven Alvarez 

Performance by Steven Alvarez, CONNECTIONS, 6:30 p.m., and Lecture by Adriane Colburn of San Francisco on her artwork inspired by mapping the Arctic Ocean, 7pm.

Anchorage Museum auditorium.  $5 general admission.

Steven Alvarez comes to Anchorage from the San Francisco Bay Area where he was active as both a performer and educator. Raised in a multi-ethnic military family, Steven had the opportunity to grow up in and around many diverse cultures including Hispanic, Native American, Hawaiian, Japanese, and all three coasts of the continental U.S. He graduated from San Jose State University with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music (Voice and Percussion) and History and a minor in Philosophy.

An artist with hands in many mediums, he works professionally as a percussionist, vocalist, stage actor, film and stage producer and music educator. He is currently producing a film on the Alaskan Native and Inuit games and regularly performs an innovative theater piece that couples live storytelling and singing with film which recently debuted at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. He is a percussionist for the Anchorage Symphony and the Anchorage Opera, directs theatre productions, performs in musicals , and serves as the Director of Cultural Education & Strategic Initiatives for the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

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